Carly’s Kids

In honor of our daughter and sister, Carly, and her life long passion of helping other people, especially the underprivileged, we decided to establish a non-profit organization called Carly’s Kids.

Carly had a passion for creating the perfect learning environment for kids. She believed that outdoor field experiences were more effective in getting students to think critically and engage in the materials than a traditional classroom. She used her love of the outdoors and her ability to make each individual feel unique and talented to bring science and nature alive for hundreds of children. Carly also had a desire to make outdoor field experiences available to all children, regardless of their socio-economic status. She was extremely interested in the national movement to “leave no child inside” that focuses on getting more children into the woods, promoting a “green hour” each day, and reinstating Outdoor Education programs in our schools. It is in keeping her vision alive that we have created the Carly’s Kids organization.

Carly worked for Multnomah ESD Outdoor School prior to starting her graduate work at the University of Montana. She loved seeing how excited the children were to learn about the outdoors through the field based science programs she taught. Established in 1966 Multnomah ESD Outdoor School is one of the longest running and most successful environmental programs in the nation. Their commitment to excellence is the reason we have chosen this outdoor education program for Carly’s Kids to attend.

Our initial goal was to target Ensworth Elementary School in Bend, Oregon as it is a school that would benefit greatly by an outdoor school program. They have many underprivileged children who attend the school as evidenced by the 76.3% of students who qualify for free and reduced breakfast and lunch programs daily. At a cost of approximately $215 per student for a three day-two night outdoor school program the cost is not affordable to most of the Ensworth families. The goal of the Carly’s Kids organization was to annually raise money to help fund this program for all fifth grade students. After just a couple of years, we have had such wonderful success in raising funds that we have been able to expand our program and as of 2016 are helping a large number of schools in the Bend LaPine and Redmond school districts and helping to fund over 1200 students.

Please join us in donating to this worthwhile organization to honor Carly and carry on her passion for helping those who are less fortunate. Carly touched so many people in her lifetime, it is now time for these people to reach out and touch even more people. For further information e-mail us at Please make your fully tax deductible checks payable to Carly’s Kids or you can donate via Paypal on this website.


Kevin and Sandy Phillips; Michelle and Kyle Watt