Grant Application

Downloadable Grant Application Form

Carly’s Kids
Grant Application Form


Part One: School Details

School Name:____________________________ Address:_____________________________

Teacher Name:_____________________________ Teacher E-mail:_____________________

Teacher Phone Number:______________________ Grade Level:_______________________

Demographics of school student population of students being served:__________________


Part Two: Plan Details

Destination of field experience:__________________________________________________

Planned date(s) _______________________________________________________________

Primary Educational objective for this field experience:_______________________________

How will students prepare for the experience?______________________________________

What follow-up activities are planned for this trip?___________________________________


Part Three: Budget Summary

Total number of students expected on this trip:______________________________________

Total number of school staff expected on trip:_______________________________________

Total numbers of volunteers expected:_____________________________________________

Estimated Expenses:




Amount Of Carly’s Kids Grant requested $___________________________________________


By submitting this application I agree to the following:

  • I agree to submit a trip reflection form within 60 days
  • I agree to submit two pictures from the trip that can be used on the Carly’s kids web-page.