Carlys Kids

~Impacting, Enriching and Inspiring All
Through Outdoor Education~

Carly’s Kids 2012 Outdoor School participants

Donating to Carly’s Kids…

We are thrilled to continue honoring Carly’s passion and commitment to creating the perfect learning environment by enabling kids to get outdoor field experience through Outdoor School and are grateful for all the donations that have been received,   If you would like to support Carly’s Kids year-round, check with your employer to see if they offer payroll deductions for contributions to charities.  Many companies these days are offering their employees the benefit of having designated contributions to a charity of the employee’s choice.  United Way helps smaller organizations, such as Carly’s Kids,  by allowing the employee to name the charity they would like to help and makes sure your donation gets to Carly’s Kids.   If you wish to make a designation to a Carly’s Kids, through United Way and your employer, the following is required:

  • Specify the contribution amount.
  • Designate recipient as: Carly’s Kids, P.O. Box 6568, Bend, Oregon 97708.  Tax ID: 45-3961848
  • Submit designation information at the time of the pledge.

We’d like to thank the Deschutes County United Way, Silicon Valley United Way and the East Bay United Way for supporting Carly’s Kids and look forward to welcoming other United Ways from across the country!