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Carly’s Kids- 2015-16 School Year

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2015-16 Carly’s Kids Participants enjoying their time at Camp Tamarack


Thanks to your continued generosity, there are children laughing and learning outside, all around Central Oregon. Last year Carly’s Kids was able to support 21 schools and help fund 1,985 students’ Outdoor Education experience. Since our inception in 2012, we have donated $165,000 and helped over 6000 students. Our donations have had an enormous effect on our local communities!

The voters in Oregon have passed an initiative that will help fund Outdoor School for all 5th or 6th graders in the state. This is wonderful news and will further impact our communities in many positive ways. We are waiting to hear the final monetary amount that the state will be allocating , per student, so that we can determine what amount we will need to budget for our Outdoor School fund. Carly’s Kids will continue to supplement Title One schools, and other children in need, so that all children have the same opportunity to attend a quality Outdoor School.

With the addition of state funding for Outdoor School, Carly’s Kids will  begin to diversify our scope and utilize our funds to expand our mission to include other Outdoor Educational experiences for children. These include helping to fund a Forest Kindergarten experience, an expeditionary learning project for another grade level and any number of other exciting experiences that will further our mission.  Grant applications are currently being accepted for Outdoor Educational experiences for Bend/Redmond schools.  Please select “Grant Application” from top menu bar if interested in applying.

Carly had a passion for creating the perfect learning environment for kids. She believed that outdoor field experiences were more effective in getting students to think critically and engage in the materials than a traditional classroom.  She used her love of the outdoors and her ability to make each individual feel unique and talented to bring science and nature alive for hundreds of children. Carly also had a desire to make outdoor field experiences available to all children, regardless of their socio-economic status. She was extremely interested in the national movement to “leave no child inside” that focuses on getting more children into the woods, promoting a “green hour” each day, and reinstating Outdoor Education programs in our schools. It is in keeping her vision alive that we initially created Carly’s Kids and why we continue to promote Outdoor learning experiences for all kids.

Our goal continues to be that every child in Central Oregon who wants to attend an outdoor learning experience, will be able to do so. You can donate by sending a check in the enclosed pre-paid envelope or be going to and using the Donate link. All donations go directly to the outdoor education school program. No administration costs are deducted from the donations and all donations are tax deductible as Carly’s Kids qualifies as a 501 (c) (3) not for profit organization.

Thank you for helping to keep Carly’s precious spirit alive and thriving in our community. She would be so overwhelmed by your love and generosity, as Kevin, Michelle, Kyle and I are.